vacation order

In Immigration Law, Refugee Law

The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board makes a vacation order if it decides that a protected person got that status by “misrepresentation”. This means that they said something that was not true or accurate, or they left out information that they were required to give. This applies only if the person would not have gotten protected status if they’d given the correct or missing information. If Canada Border Services Agency applies to the RPD for a vacation order, the protected person has the right to a hearing.

A vacation order can lead to a protected person being ordered to leave Canada.


In Family Law

A variation is a change to a court order or other legal document. Sometimes the court process that asks for a variation is also called a motion to change.

victim impact statement

In Criminal Law

Victim impact statements help the judge understand how the complainant or victim in your case has been affected by the crime. In a victim impact statement the complainant or victim can tell the court about the emotional, financial, physical, or other impacts the crime has had on them. If there is a victim impact statement, the judge must consider it when sentencing you.

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